Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday?

Those were the Days.

The Gun.

Back when I was young, people came to our house to sell things.
All kinds of things.
Like all kinds of food or food storage products, swimming pools, books, cookware and even insurance.
We felt safe letting all these various people into our homes too.

Nothing like today where you have to go out of your home and then chase someone down and beg them to take your money at the mall for new socks even though the last time you were at the mall, you had to shoo the sales team away by yelling, 'Ten seconds, just leave me alone for ten seconds, I can't even think!"
As an online shopper you have to divulge every secret you have or know, in order to buy a product for $4.99 with $15.95 shipping and then recieve 6,432 emails about your item including your receipt, the shipping details, the sales they are having, their other companies, their surveys and what the company guy with the tape dispenser had for lunch, etc.

So what about the gun picture??.

When our insurance salesman came to our house the actual gun from the picture was sitting on my family's living room side table.
He sat down and exchanged pleasantries then noticed the gun on the table and immediately looked alarmed.
He then looked back to my mother and I sitting on the sofa.
He then verbally asked if what he was pointing at was a gun.
My mother replied that it was.
There is now an even more alarmed expression appearing on the insurance mans' face.

Now to know my mother you would know that she thinks in vague, foggy terms and thinks everyone else does too.
Such as :
"What time is it , mother?", 'Oh, it's tenish"
Or she will tell you, "I need you to go to the store and get those 'thingys' we like with porkchops."
Or "Do you remember where I put that 'thingamajig' I had on Tuesday?"
Therefore since she 'knew' it was a toy, he would also 'know' it was a toy.
No explanation was needed in her mind.

The insurance man asked if she thought it was a good idea to have the gun laying around with children in the house.
My mother replied that it was fine and that each of her children had one......

The insurance mans' alarm is at DEFCON 4 and we are all aware of it now, so with eyes bulging he asks if the gun is loaded,
where upon I pick up the gun to check and he vaults out of his chair with his briefcase held in front of his vital organs and is ready to report my family to the authorities, after and if he manages to escape our home with his life.
My mother who realizing their has been quite a misunderstanding reassures our insurance man that the gun is just a toy, a cap gun and that I was just checking to see if there was still any pops left on the roll.
She consoles him with an offer of some sweet tea and tells me to go play in the other room while she pays her premium and he quickly leaves.

Now I surely enjoyed my cap-gun and the lovely aroma it had when I played with it before this day, and in the man's defense it is very realistic looking, but now it was TOTALLY AWESOME and that is why I still have it.

So, that is how my family single handedly helped get rid of home delivery visits and services and helped pave the way for the malls and the internet.


You're welcome!!!

Thanks you for being here!

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  1. How did I not know that this happened in our house??!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I think about those cap guns all the time and remember the smell too. How I wish I still had mine. Good times, good times...

  2. Truly.
    I am pretty sure we had been playing together and you were just somewhere else at that time playing with a 'thingy' over by the 'doohicky'. :)

  3. that story goes well with my first encounter of the whole Sheaffer family at thanksgiving where your dad was interrupted from carving the turkey and was screaming at your mom while waving the butcher knife. I know exactly how the insurance salesman felt. I guess he was wanting to know how serious I was about his daughter.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yep, that must have been dad's seal of approval! I wonder what he might of done to let me know Skeet was a winner! Maybe throw some sukiyaki!! :)

    ALSO - the idea that scaring the salesman so badly that he possibly quit being a door-to-door salesman and instead opened a store in a strip mall which lead to larger and larger malls and then the internet is GENUIS!! It explains everything. I am so humbled and proud to finally realize that our family changed the world! :)