Sunday, March 16, 2014

Reasonable Doubt? Define Reasonable.

Thanks Lent.
Like I need more reminders that life is not easy.
That I don't measure up and keep my promises well enough.
Thanks guilt.
I did WAY too much last week and when it came time for my blog, there was not even one complete sentence available in my head for posting.
My little gray cells had exhausted themselves by trying to organize and get stuff done and were now clumped together tightly into the size of a raisin and were only that large so they could keep my lungs working and my heart beating so I could be reminded that I still have high blood pressure.
Thanks Lent, guilt and brain.

Jesus fasts for 40 days in the desert and I can't post 40 blogs about life.

How am I supposed to celebrate Easter when the first 2 weeks of Lent have been an epic failure on my part.
Thanks Lent, guilt, brain, Jesus.
Who was with Jesus anyway and told the story of his fasting experience?
He was alone?
Who knows?
No one was there!!!
That story could have been told with ANY outcome.
Well now you're thinking that because I failed in my Lenten attempt, I'm trying to cut myself some slack by bringing reasonable doubt onto the 40 day Jesus temptation story?
Looks that way!
Thanks Lent, guilt, brain, Jesus, doubt.
Well who tells the story then?

Oh My Gosh !!!
Do you see what I'm doing??
I am trying to make excuses and blame everything else and everyone else!!
Shifting your attention from my shortcomings to Jesus and his temptation story that started this whole Lent thing anyway???
Thanks Lent, guilt, brain, Jesus, doubt, excuses.

Reasonable Doubt

So anyway, am I so far from perfect that I can challenge the Bible and not write my alloted posts with no repercussions?
You know it.
Will I have to account for my bizarre attitude on my lent failure when I get to heaven?
You know it..... and that is only reasonable.

Thanks for being here.

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