Friday, March 7, 2014

Faux human children.

I truly adored raising my children.
They made me laugh all the time.
I think somehow they knew that their mothers motto was 'Life sucks, then you die.'
So to keep their mother intact and able to do all things motherly, they were wonderful easy children to raise (with only a few exceptions)
and innately knew that they had to keep their mother amused.
I am grateful to them for that on a daily basis.
BUT they have, all but one, moved out of the house and taken their antics with them.
So to keep myself amused and in perpetual motion, I have dogs.
2 dogs.
A recent addition has been a boxer puppy named Baxter.
Baxter, Baxter, Baxter.

Baxter relaxing.

Baxter is the child replacement until the actual grandchild is able to do human like things...and laugh.

Jeplen 'pre-laughing'.

Back to the non-humans.
Baxter is in love with Eva.
Baxter wants to do everything Eva does.
Eva is a bit older, much larger, totally easy going, a Baxter magnet and she loves to swim.
She also loves the water to get away from Baxter because he does not ever leave her alone and he DOES NOT LIKE the all.

So to keep this Re-mom amused, this is one of the many 'shows' my faux human children do that keep me laughing.
Hope you enjoy.

Baxter: 'Ok I'll try this water thing.
Eva: 'Sure just paddle and splash!'
Baxter: Ok, Ok,, No, NOOOOOOO!

Sometimes life isn't so sucky.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Yes, your children are quite amusing!!!

  2. Also, if being amused is your life's quest, what do you keep me around for???!!! :)

    1. You are my always and forever punchline !!!
      A laugh a minute!

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