Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Real love...

I went back to work today, luckily.
Luckily because one of my good work friends left the job market today to get ready for her wedding.
She has worked with me for almost 10 years.
We talked about all kinds of things in those 10 years.
Friendship, wine, pets, God, life, kids and the men in her life and the ones that ended up NOT being in her life.
But she found one that was different.
They had a good time together.
Soon they were engaged and setting a date.
They are remodeling a home to live in together, they dance, stay involved at church and plan to travel a lot.
She thinks he is a fabulous guy.
All of us at work were so happy for her.
We had a small work celebration to wish her good-bye and happy marriage.
Her fiance' then picked her up from work to take her to dinner to continue the celebration.
He brought a camera to take her pic in front of her 'old' job and was just grinning, happy and proud to be with his fiance'.
It was obvious that he adored her.
They were like teenagers and so excited to be together.
It was obvious that they had real love.
I am blogging about this because early on in our friendship my friend swore that she would never marry...... never.
But she is so happy now and excited about being almost married.
It makes you happy to see such puppy love.
I feel you should know however, that they are both in their 70's and that their kids are grown.
They both lost spouses to cancer and have been single for a long time.
They have been grandparents for decades.
It is awesome and just puts a warm glow on my day to think about it.
Life is strange and anything can happen.
Thank goodness for that.

Thanks for being here.
Have an 'anything can happen' day!!

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