Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sell me what?

While there is no way to know for sure, I am going to assume that some of my readers, like myself, think that deciding what to wear each day is tantamount to gum surgery performed by a 3 legged coyote.
It is something you try to avoid.
It is awful.
The worst part of the morning.
Or afternoon...but we are who we are.
Santa Claus and his socially acceptable closet of one outfit is a source of envy to me.
(Not to mention his diet regime that is also enviable by me and accepted by society with no shaming by anyone for fear that he does indeed have a naughty list!)
...One outfit...
The bliss.
The rapture.
The joy of never having to decide...

That doesn't mean I don't like to dress up and look nice.
So occasionally I have to shop for clothes.
Well this week one of the places I have purchased clothing from sent out what they considered an ad that would tempt me to willingly save money
wear only one outfit open my wallet.
Instead, this ad left me baffled and bewildered, with a WHAAAAA?? expression as I perused it.
The company caters to curvy girls and I could not believe my eyes.
The 10 page ad looked like someone lost a bet during a drinking game or was making us aware that there are actually no other clothes left in America.

See what you think:

Well, this outfit is a surprise.

The fact that there was a consensus that this outfit is fabulous troubles me.

I know of zero outer space aliens that would deliberately choose to wear this stuff, yet this company is trying to tell me that these outfits are flattering on humans and worth my hard earned money?

It is hard enough to look stylish as a big girl without this company suggesting that if we dress like the latest fashion campaign is... 'Goodwill--The New Paris'... then our hard earned dollars are well spent.

It just makes no sense to me and is a bit offensive that someone, somewhere thinks this retail mess is the look I've been waiting for.

Not today.
Or tomorrow.
Or the next day.
Or the next day..
Or the next day...

One comfy, multi purpose outfit seems like a wonderful idea after all!

Thanks for being here.