Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Happy Same As Last Year!"

I thought I was giving myself a present when I decided that I would not worry about posting anything on my blog for a while.
Well that makes me the worst gift giver in America, cause I hated it and I did worry about it.
There were hours when I just tried to think of good excuses for putting off posting for one more day, but there were no good excuses.
There were some weak ones and some silly ones but no good ones.
- the printer is out of paper (doesn't affect me).
- I have to take the dogs out (all day??).
- the altitude is making my brain fuzzy and I can't concentrate (trust me when I say that it is NOT the altitude).
- no one wants to read it anyway (but you DO and I am so grateful to you!).
See? Not one good excuse.
Plus, the last one is not really an excuse.
It's just a lie I told myself, but then almost every day I would check my stats and you, my fabulous readers, were reading my old posts!
I am humbled and grateful.
So lets keep in touch on a regular basis again.
Same as last year.

Happy Same as Last Year!

I will blog this year on a regular basis.
Same as last year.
But that is NOT a New Years resolution mind you.
My blog and year will practically be a do-over of the same silliness and joy because I hate making resolutions.
At my age I have made so many resolutions and fulfilled so few that I don't see the point of even trying.
Making a resolution sabotages me AND the year before by making me feel that last year was so totally horrible and that I should make drastic changes in the new one.
Can't trick a trickster.
Can't even make me feel a tiny bit bad about it.
Every decision I made was debated and researched and sweated over.
Well....except for those 3 extra Oreo's and the dishes left in the sink till morning and whether or not I should turn up the heat in the house past 68.
Don't judge me please.
You get the idea.
I spent most of my whole life feeling 'less than' and resolutions painfully pound 'incompetence' into my sensitive nature.
So you certainly shouldn't feel guilty if you made no new resolutions either or already messed up the ones you did make.
I can assure you that I don't or won't.
I have an idea?!.....Let us all resolve to not feel guilty about the decisions we make and the things we do this year!
No wait..........

So let me sum up.......
Happy Same As Last Year!!

There is a quote from Ella Bounds in the book, In the Sanctuary of Outcasts that I just adore....
"You is what you is"

Thanks for being here.
I hope 2015 is a fabulous year for you !!!

A lovely memoir about two kinds of outcasts.