Thursday, February 6, 2014

Frozen shoulder. Yes it is an actual thing and has nothing to do with winter.

It was inevitable.
Now that I am a real grandmother and officially old, my body has decided to checkout, break down and generally fall apart.
When I was younger I thought you were officially old when you needed a hearing aid and you forgot where you put your stuff all the time.
I was wrong.
I have learned and experienced that old really IS a number and after the specified number, your body wants a vacation from keeping you alive and starts pulling practical jokes in areas of the body that are impossible to medicate.
Which brings us to 'frozen shoulder'.
The pain is horrific, appears out of nowhere, affects women more than men, is not even remotely cold, keeps you from sleeping and the medical community can only offer the fact that it will eventually go away.
Doctors are very stingy with the good drugs apparently.
My arm was immobile.
It wouldn't move with out bringing tears to my eyes.
With my one good arm and hand, I searched the World Wide Web believing that someone, somewhere has found something to relieve my misery.
I actually found something that worked.
It helped the restoration process and brought some relief that no other medical website or Dr. had even mentioned.
It came from a blogger in England and I will share it with you just in case you or someone you know is one of the 2% of humans that gets Frozen Shoulder.
It is a small easy excercise, but I kid you not it works !!!!

Frozen Shoulder Relief

Stand a couple of feet away from a table that won't move or counter, face the counter with legs slightly more than shoulder width apart. Put the hand of your 'good arm' on the edge and lean forward so it supports your body weight, and so that the hand of your 'bad' arm (the one with the frozen shoulder) is hanging down. Let your bad arm just hang there. Do NOT swing your bad arm. GENTLY rotate your hips and upper body in a circular motion,like you were hula hooping in slow motion. You will notice that your hanging arm also rotates very gently in the same direction. Allow your hanging arm to move naturally. After a few rotations (between 5 and 10) pause for a few seconds, then rotate the hips and body in the opposite direction a similar number of times.

If the above exercise is very painful, STOP immediately. It isn't working for you.
If the exercise doesn't increase your pain, do as often as neccessary for relief.

Wha La.

I am not a Dr. but I know the things that work.
My body is not one of those things.
While checking out my shoulder though, the medical community discovered I have high blood pressure.

Lord have mercy.

Now if I could find my glasses I could see who is ringing the doorbell, or is that my phone?
Peter Pan sooooo gets it!!!

Thanks so much for reading my blog!