Friday, June 21, 2013,....temp...ta....tion,..too.....strong.......


Yes, it has happened.

Re-mom twilight zone.

I see cute things.

Baby things.

Re-mom things.

They are orbiting in my world. They say "Look at me!, Look at me!" "Buy me!, Buy me!" I see them every where !!

Here are a few :

1) Saw this and LIKED it ??? Thought it was sweet. I wanna BE this Granny? What ??

2) Saw this on pinterest. Loved it !! Wanted to buy it already but the etsy artist was sold out. Already ??

3) Know I HAVE to have THIS gadget ! Wanted this when my kids were little!!!! ALL of them loved a rocking chair. This one is for Re-moms on the go ! Able to make a rocker out of any chair !

4) Or how about this ?? All things grandmotherly !?!

Looks delightful, but not for me.

Anyway, I notice Re-mom stuff and Re-mom stuff notices me. It was inevitable. Kids are great all the time, so I will begin the assent into grandchild temptation..........

Pray for me...............

(I can't stop !)

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Egg hunt in June.

When I think of my growing grand-baby, I of course get excited but that excitement is also met with trepidation !

-Will it like me ?

-Will I remember how to do all the necessary baby things ?

-Will I have any energy to DO ANY of the necessary baby things ?

-Will I have the energy to do anything at all ?

-Will my daughter even trust me with the baby anyway ?

After all, I'm old and tired and on the internet writing a blog...........

But as I pondered these trepidations and walked the dogs around our woodsy trail (multi-tasking at its finest!), I came across an Easter Egg !

It still had a prize in it........ 27 cents !!!


How could my kids have missed this one ? It was right on the leaves !

Kept walking.

Looked down and saw another one !

It still had a prize in it........$1.00 !!! And it was only slightly moldy !

How did my kids miss this one too ?

Putting it in perspective, my children are all adults. It's not like they are 10,9,8 and 3, falling down, spilling their eggs and running to mom and dad about it !

We still have an Easter Egg Hunt every year though, to remember past glories and triumphs of Prize Eggs containing $10 or $5 or of pushing each other to the ground and stealing ALL their eggs while they lay on the ground actually wounded !

Who wants to forget that ?

We have such fun that we also have a Turkey egg hunt on Thanksgiving !

More chances for prize eggs and flesh wounds !

The grand-baby is gonna love it !

And the fact that she/he can come over to Re-moms house 2 1/2 months later and still find treasures makes me think it might not be so bad !

My worries are for naught.

I got this.

Kids LOVE Egg Hunts AND Band-aids !

I got this !

(The third egg is one Re-dad found a few days earlier !)

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See you soon !

Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's all about the verbage...............

Last Sunday I was surprised and excited to find out that I was expecting my first grandchild !

It is so exciting, in fact, that I can not sleep, get a bad cases of the 'what-if's", and can barely bring myself to tell people about it !

It is the verbage.

My Mothers mom was a fabulous grandmother but she had white hair the minute I remember her.

I have seen pictures of her when she was young and she was gorgeous with black hair and a lovely smile.

And while I don't have white hair or consider myself a knockout, I don't consider myself old !

Old is Galapagos tortoise old, pyramid old, dinosaur old, even universe old !

The word grandmother is almost a synonym to the word 'old' in my mind.

Not older...... but OLD !

How will I avoid this?

I will be a 'Re-Mom'.

Like recycling my motherhood.

It is my 'green' word for grandmother.

Just taking care of and enjoying kids........AGAIN.

No age involved. None.

Re-Mom........ I like it !


Dodged that bullet. I feel better already.

Lets go eat cereal, watch some cartoons and then build a sheet fort.

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