Sunday, March 9, 2014

I saw the light.....

I don't know about you, but I love to sleep.
Some days my brain just sort of shuts off and screams for a rest.
So, when I go to bed at the end of a day, I like my surroundings to be quiet and dark.
Just kidding,
I have to basically be in a deprivation tank.
Jet workers strength ear plugs, fan going for white noise even in winter, pillows all around and lots of blankets.
No light, no 'weird' noise, no disturbances or distractions of any kind.
I believe this need for isolation resulted from raising 4 children with various animals and being on monster watch at night for 30 mostly sleepless years.

My husband has no such need.
He sleeps through TV, kids visiting, dogs snoring, yard burning, day, night, doesn't matter.
So when he goes to bed , the only thing he worries about is his alarm.
Which is on his phone.
Which glows and beeps and glows again at any or all hours of the night with notifications or texts or who knows what.
Just kidding,
It's like a large working lighthouse at night when it lights up!
I am drawn to it out of a deep sleep, like a moth.
(Could be my problem, see my post.. "Ate a Moth Today.....or.....Cereal with a Bonus").
Most of the time he turns it upside down so it stays dark.
But sometimes he forgets.
Just kidding,
He does it on purpose to keep monsters at bay, cause he was a kid once.
Just kidding,
He really just doesn't think about it.
But it so matters.

I write this post in a drowsy state because...guess who's phone was lit up half the night???
Just kidding,
ALL night.
I couldn't turn it off or the dogs would want to go out or my husband would talk and wonder whats up and then I'd really never go back to sleep.
So I turn over to try and ignore it and notice the draperies have a 3 inch crack in them so that all the night time city lights shine through....right at me.
Just kidding,
It was like we were visiting the surface of the sun and it was streaming through a tiny crack in my drapes, right into my brain.
And even when I closed my eyes, they would want to open again to see to see this mystical, monster repelling, amazing, sleep depriving, life giving, what seemed like a million watt crack of light.
No sleep.
No monsters to worry about though, cause they hate the light too, but no sleep for me either.
Just lay there for a couple more hours was my plan.
Toss and turn and plan the new day.
Whoops, my hand is hanging over the edge of the bed now.
Turn over again.
No body parts will EVER hang over the bed at night.
Lights or no lights.
You never know what could be under the bed........
Well you kinda do, but you really don't want to think about it.
Thats another reason why you need a good nights sleep!!
I guess I'll try again tomorrow night.

Something to think about.

Thanks for being here.


  1. You weren't by chance on any medication when you wrote this, were you???

    1. On several. Does it show?
      Just kidding,
      I have a cabinet full.
      Just kidding,
      Napping is my medication.

  2. Replies
    1. "Naptime, STAT!!!"
      You must nap until you can breathe normally!