Monday, October 17, 2016

The Book.

I am blogging about a book today.
My book!
No...Our book - I had a lot of help.

Cover photo from the Chipmunk Book by My Sister, My Daughter and ME!

It is published and available on Amazon (also in a few independent book stores).
Skillfully illustrated, Silly beyond measure and Selling like hotcakes.
Well...2 out of 3 of those things.
The book was in rough draft, ready for printing and sitting around the house for about 20 years but when I noticed the number on my last birthday I finally got the gumption and financial backing (thanks Auntie) to share it with other humans.
Publishing was complete 4 months ago.

Sooooo...I have now worked up the courage to tell you guys about it!
Well 'worked' is a bit of a stretch.
--Courage and Motivation actually provided by:
a sink full of dirty dishes that begged me to do anything else, 6 loads of laundry that screamed to be left alone and a bag full of peanut M&M's.

So if you need a chuckle from some silly illustrated jokes or feel the hankering to boost the self esteem of a fellow human, please do so by buying and sharing 1 or 2 or 40 of my delightful Chipmunk Books!!
Please know I am/will be grateful beyond measure and thank-you from the bottom of my heart and blog.

Chipmunk Book Link HERE or just click this Chiplink *

Thanks for being here!

*Chiplink is a made up word because I thought it was kinda funny at the time and because there is A LOT of sugar in peanut M&M's.
Sugar makes a whole lot of mildly humorous things hilarious!
The book is actually quite funny and no sugar was harmed or excessively consumed in the making of this book, so I am confident that you will indeed find it amusing!

Thanks again!