Monday, August 19, 2013

Tiramisu Baby Blanket

Having been keeping myself busy with life and grand-baby things, I thought I would share one of my favorite, latest, grand-baby things.
If you like to crochet, then this is a fun easy project for you to try!
The daughter who is pregnant is the one who taught me about delicious Tiramisu many years ago, so I HAD to make this blanket.
I have made one following the colors suggested, a yellow one with yellow ribbon and I am almost finished with a pink one.

I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn in Antique White ( you can buy it at Walmart and it stays nice and soft).

I used Bernat Baby Coordinated in Lemon Custard (this yarn has rayon in it so it has a great drape and a bit of a sheen!)

Both used H hook.
You can make it as big or small as you need and it is quick but looks fabulous !!

Here is the link:

Here is a sneak peak at the pink one !

Enjoy !!
Tell me what you think and I'll see you again soon !!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"I usually take a two hour nap from 1 till 4"

"I usually take a two hour nap from 1 till 4"
Yogi Berra

Mr. Berra gets it.
He had 11 grandchildren.
Of course he gets it.
I can't wait for grandchildren because then napping is not frowned upon.
It's expected.
You are legally obligated to nap with your grandchild.
To make sure they're safe, undisturbed and ready to go back to Mom and Dad like a whirling dervish of restored energy.
If I tell people I took a nap when they ask me about my day, their noses wrinkle as if I just broke wind.
I tell them I'm practicing for grandchildren.
Napping should be a sport.
I would love to train for that event.
I am in top physical form already!
Been training for years.
This all came to mind when I pinned this fabulous quote I saw on Pinterest:

I should have heeded my own pin/advice because I did WAY too much yesterday.
Laundry, sanding baby chairs, pulling weeds, moving logs....twice, going into work for several hours, dancing with a leprechaun to Led Zeppelin (just kidding, we were dancing to Credence Clearwater Revival---wanted to see if you were still with me) going to the store, sweeping, walking the dogs, putting away laundry..... you get the idea.
All with NO nap.
I went napless.
Sounds scandalous.

Today I feel old and weary.
I did find a baby turtle yesterday and held him for a while as I decided where to put him so he wouldn't be mulched by the lawnmower or snacked on by a raccoon.

Baby Garden Turtle.

He napped in my hand, unafraid.
Maybe I got the 'slow' germs off of him for holding him too long because today I feel like a recently awakened, grumpy, wrapped to tight mummy, bumbling around the world. Brain included.
And I've got stuff to do today!!!
Does going to bed early count as a nap?
Sort of a .....pre-sleep-nap??
The going to bed early 'nap' will have to be my light at the end of the tunnel today.
Maybe I'll be fine and get a second wind!
Without a nap it's hard to say what my behavior will be.


Actually, I must have gotten a second wind because this post is getting posted 12 hours after it was started.
Their was NO NAP.
Stuff got done. But not the right stuff.
I'm ready for bed and it's late. So NO pre-sleep-nap.
A grandchild would have made a nap mandatory.
But who knows, maybe the kid will have to get stuff done too.

“It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”
― Yogi Berra

Thanks Yogi.
Nailed it.

I love that you read my blog.
Be a follower.
Be an e-mailer.
Be a commenter.
Be happy !

Friday, August 2, 2013

"Well, did you know..........?"

I live in a small town where the 2 grocery stores that are in business have a pact.
If one of the stores has a product then the other store may not carry it.
So customers who enjoy eating occasionally, have to flit back and forth trying to remember who carries what where, just to finish even one simple recipe.
I am assuming that the 2 stores do this to 'share' the business(yea right) or because "bigstorethatcannotbenamed-mart" is afraid it will get bad publicity if it runs every other store out of town.
Customers have to waste gas, time and brain cells just to buy groceries so both stores can so nicely 'share'.
Drives me bonkers. I consider it exercise.
Don't get me started............
Well just yesterday I was in the smaller of the 2 grocery stores and checking out when I heard the ladies in the line next to me say (they actually hollered) to a woman at customer service, "Hey Margaret, How are you ?" (the name has been changed to protect readers from myself in case they don't know me and would never realize that I really don't have any idea what her name was and might assume I am a forgetful dork and stop reading this blog because I was a bit too rambling and forgetful)
Where was I?
Oh......Margaret(not her real name). "Hey Margaret, How are you?"
Margaret(not her real name) says, "Fine thanks. How are you?". Not expecting or receiving a reply.
We all got our bags and left the store.
Yes, well on the way out, the friendly, chatty ladies spoke to each other NOT in a whisper,
#1 "Well, did you know Margaret has been married 3 times?"
#2 "No, I did not........really?"
#1 "Yes Ma'am."

Well, they turned right I went left and giggled to myself.
My check out neighbor was as amazed by this revelation as I was!
Margaret(not her real name) deserves a medal!
Who in their right mind gets married 3 times?
Who thinks like that?
Marriage is so hard that most of the young folks today just live together!
I am such a wuss that I could only marry once. If anything happened to marriage #1, I can assure you that there would NOT be a marriage #2
Margaret(not her real name) had so much fun she married 3 times ?!
The stories she could tell......
Why am I telling her story?
Because maybe Margaret(not her real name) is trying to get all the ingredients for her recipe of marriage and she is having to run all over town trying to collect them from whichever man carries them.
I just hope her recipe is not too complicated and full of exotic items and fanciful techniques.
Good Luck to you Margaret(not her real name) I hope you get this one right!

Todays post is not directly related to BEING a Re-mom except that it was written directly by one. :)
I just had to write it down. Couldn't stop thinking about it.
Thanks for reading my blog!
I enjoy comments and followers!
Have a great day !