Friday, March 21, 2014

My Ben and Jerry's Therapy.

This morning was a rough one for me.
Rough because our new puppy "Baxter" who is now 6 months old went to the vet to be fixed.
I knew it was gonna happen for months, but chose to keep it a secret from him.
So when I dropped him off and he was his usual happy, playful puppy self, I was over come with guilt.
He was born intact and had no idea I was ever intending to cut off his body parts.

Baxter the Boxer

I felt awful about it.
So awful that I consolled myself by buying myself some new clothes and some Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream.
Came home to soothe my burdened soul by eating 2 of the 5 flavors I purchased.
Bless you Ben and Jerry.
They understand your every sadness as the sweet, creamy goodness slides off the spoon into your tummy.

Emotional eating, you might ask?
Completely accurate they might say.

Problem not solved just avoided, you might ask?
Totally accurate they might say.

Excess calories added to an already over the limit daily diary of food, you might ask?
Have some more they might say.

Am I feeling better, you might ask?
"Of course I do.............NOT", 'I' might say. cause I can answer my own dadgum questions.

But the ice cream was delicious and eating it was something to do while I waited for the time I could pick up my dog and tell him I am sorry.
Ben and Jerry got me through the day in their unique theraputic way.

I am so grateful that I made an appointment with them again for tomorrow.

Ben and Jerry's. The Best Therapy!

Thank you for being here.

P.S. Baxter was/is happy, fine and bouncy.

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  1. I prefer alcohol...then you forget the day even happened! I took my dog to the vet to get snipped?? What dog??!! Hahaha!