Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Domestic Epiphany (or Why are there so many Brackets?)

Those of you that have been reading my blog this past year now realize that housekeeping is not one of my gifts (or did you?).
I make an effort to clean only when company is coming (not often) or when I'm in the mood (even less often) or after loosing a bet (even less, less often) or I find a new cleaning product that intrigues me (even less, less, less often! Why take money from the wine budget?)

So while I was washing my hair in the kitchen sink (because winter turns my skin reptilian and I avoid more than one shower a day) I noticed that the kitchen floor needed mopped... again.
I just scrubbed it on my hands and knees last week with a bucket, scrub brush, hot soapy water and towels!!!
Just like in the movies that Hollywood says mirrors real life, yet we all know that no one does that in real life ! (...except me, apparently)

Scrubbing the floor in the real world

"So" says I, (pondering the task before me) "How do I make this easy?" (If you have never said "How can I make this easy?", then we can not be friends. Sorry)
I have talked to my lovely sister repeatedly about purchasing my own steam mopper (she has one) so I could then just plug in the machine and my floors would be instantly sanitary.
"But those things are expensive!" I say to myself as I lean against the microwave.
But all I have is my trusty wet Swiffer®... and... a microwave!!!
Problem solved!!!!
So I popped that wet Swiffer® on a paper plate, stuck it in the microwave for 18-20 seconds and I got a kinda, pretend, almost steam mop.
Worked like a charm.
Stayed warm until it was filthy, didn't fall apart and my floor looked great in just a few wipes and swipes !!

Graceful Grandma "steamy" Swiffer®

That is my wisdom for Wednesday.
(or my cleaning confession)
Yes Hollywood, you win. Scrubbing the floor mirrors my life.

"I love scrubbing floors!
Not really, I just drank all of the wine I bought with the money I saved!"

Thanks for being here.
Thanks for reading my blog.

(by the way, thats not really me or my quote in the above picture. I prefer whiskey) :)


  1. The Swiffer is PURE GENUIS! So is drinking whiskey, but that goes without saying...

  2. Since when do you drink so much?!

  3. I don't hardly ever imbibe, but when I do......
    Also, the SCOOBA???? It frightens me!! So many parts and I fear that I might break it and it would be useless when you wanted it back.