Friday, September 25, 2015

Nature Happens.

Going outside everyday like I do affords some extraordinary viewing of nature on many occasions.
Most of the time though 'nature' smells my predatory human stink and stays hidden till all of me and my personal 'un-dangerous' danger is past.
I am a looker/watcher/"sorry, I didn't see you there" outdoor lover, but nature is not taking any chances.
Recently I came across a curious looking cavern in the creek bed.

Curious Looking Cavern in the Creek Bed.

I got the bright idea to stick my hand in the creek hole to find out if it was a current created crevice or a critter created crevice (say either one of those illiterations 3 times fast), but it was unusually deep (about 6 inches) and headed up stream so I knew it was not a creation of the current.
Realizing how stupid it was to stick a body part in an unknown and hidden mother nature hole, not to mention the pervy overtones, I decided that locating a stick might be a better idea.
But in the fashion of Jane Goodall, I changed my stick poking mind and chose to patiently watch and see if something might show itself while searching around to see what nightmare was messing with this particular creek hole.
Being down stream and unable to sense my now barely breathing presence, sure enough, a single, thin, red antennae comes flicking it's way out of its recently disturbed home.
Then another antennae appears.
Sure enough, after his cautious feelers falsely give him the all clear, the fearless tiny river lobster shows himself and his mighty pinchers to see whatever the heidi-ho just happened to all his hard work and whether or not he had eluded being on a dinner menu.

Curious but Annoyed Crawdad.

Now you're probably thinking that this is the weirdest blog post you've seen in a while (and our burrowing crustacean would agree with you if he could read or because he thinks everything we do is weird or because it seems I know what river creatures are thinking) and you would be right, but I thought it was interesting and unusual enough to share with my nature loving readers, especially since I remembered to take a picture and not drop my phone in the water!
There you go!
Nature Happens!

Thanks for being here!