Sunday, September 29, 2013

"A Place in the Choir"

Used to sing this when Jeff and I were youth group leaders 30 years ago! Loved it then. Love it now.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Dogs......

When my youngest child was near graduation from high school, I told myself that I would not succumb to the empty nest syndrome.
I would be strong and rejoice in my freedom.
I would stay busy catching up on all the things 'I' wanted to do.
I succeeded royally with this challenge too............for two days.
I was putting away the youngest child's socks and had to stop and cry like a baby.
Came out of nowhere.
Hit me like a freight train too.
I needed soothing.
I needed consolation.
I consoled myself with a puppy.
Something that needed me I suppose, or at least to take my mind off the quiet house.
My daughter knew of one that she said would be sweet because she knew the mother, but the father was a great dane that had been roaming the neighborhood, so it would be a big dog.
I wanted a big dog.
We welcomed Eva to our home.

She grew fast.
She was/is smart as anything and sweeter than any dog I ever knew.

I share this post with you because last night as we were coming in from an early evening walk, Eva walked past one of our solar lights and blocked so much light that it came on!
She walked clear of it and it went off!
I was so amused by this because I had forgotten or just took for granted my life with a large dog.

So here is my list of big dog perks so you will get a hint of what it's like to have a large dog.


1-they can rest their head on the table to see what's for dinner.
2-they lay on the sofa and no one else has any room to even sit on the sofa.
3-they walk past a solar light and block the sun.
4-people are afraid of them without even coming close.
5-they snore as loud or louder than humans.
6-you can pet them without even having to bend over.
7-they travel in the car and their head is almost to the ceiling.
8-they lean on you because they love you and almost knock you over.
9-you keep their food in a large garbage can.
10-you can almost wear their collar as belt.
11-when they wag their tail they sometimes break stuff.
12-you know you will have to share your ice cream or your foot will be soaked with drool as they watch you.
13-your dog will be able to pull the grand-baby in a wagon!
14-you realize that you need them in your life.

Eva turned out to be more than a distraction or balm to soothe my loneliness.
A big dog is like a hairy family member that fills a vacancy the less hairy ones left behind.
Love my family, love my dog.

Thanks for reading.
Tell me why you love your dog, whatever the size.
Take care.
See you soon!