Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Domestic 'Gourdess'

If you are sitting at your computer as you read this then that sitting is probably a very good thing.
I shall reveal to you today that I am NOT a clean freak.
Shocking, I know.
While my mother was of the mind that things must be dusted, vacuumed and wiped down on an almost a daily basis, I am a branch that has fallen far from the tree.
This branch fell, made a mess and stares at it daily, but will not get around to cleaning it up till later.
I'm sure my neatness rebellion resulted in the fact that my sister and I were the domestic caretakers for our mother.
We whined, we complained, we grumbled but to no avail.
My mother has the ability to shut off her ears to anything she finds not to her liking...except cussing.
She can hear a curse word four miles away....that was whispered.....in Swedish).
So I am also quite sure that she never heard our childish malcontent.
I have done so much cleaning in my past that ANYTHING else I want to do as an adult is way more important.
Anyway, my lack of tidiness lately is only a cause for concern because of my impending grandchild.
I CAN NOT have a scooting, crawling, everything in its mouth child in my home.
Why now?
I found a pumpkin seed on the kitchen floor.
In July.
There has not been a pumpkin in this house since October 2012.
And even then I don't recall it being a REAL one...with seeds !
So who is to guess when that seed made its appearance.
And why wasn't it cleaned up?
I can't even guess.
I am kinda, almost ashamed.
I raised 4 kids with my housekeeping skills and they are all seemingly well adjusted, healthy and productive members of society.
But this kid will be different.
It is not really mine.
I can not have it going back to it's parents needing a nap with filthy knees and pumpkin seeds stuck to its face.
Or can I?
It is not really mine after all......
I am just its adoring grandmother (re-mom).......
Problem solved.
I have to go now.
There is a spider web in the corner that needs some ignoring.

The future??

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Never in a million years..........

I have long hair.
Almost to my waist long hair.
I like long hair.
I flat iron it.
I highlight it.
I pick at split ends.
I get it tangled when the car windows are open or when I fluff my pillows and turn over in the bed.
It gets caught in my armpits, my bra straps and my glasses hinge.
It is quite a bit of work to take care of long hair.
It is quite a bit of NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS will I ever cut it and perm it and have "usual" grandmother hair !!!
I was told over 20 years ago that I was too old to have long hair.
Of course I was feeling old cause I had never been that old before, so I believed them and cut it.
It was new and easy and I liked it.
For about a week.
I tried the perm.
I tried the layers.
Nothing I did helped me get over the regret I felt for cutting my hair.
My pledge to myself after that week was to NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS cut my hair short again.
No matter how old I become, it will not happen.
And thats OK.
Re-moms are different these days.
They listen to heavy metal.
They drive a bit over the speed limit sometimes.
They have tattoos.
They have long hair.
I grew up believing and experiencing that if you were a grandmother, it was a proper and required to have short, gray, curly hair.
But the real, true test and constant re-mom characteristic is that they love their grand-babies to pieces !!!!
LOVE, Love, Love !!!
They can't wait to kiss and hug and spoil those babies !
Long hair, short hair, curly hair, shaved hair.
It's all good and doesn't matter a toot to the babies.
Any hairstyle will do.
I am hoping that the thing that truly matters to being a good re-mom is love.
Lots of love.......for a million years.

Regular mom with regular baby. Jurassic Period-Mesozoic Era.

Re-mom with chicken baby. Quaternary Period-Cenezoic Era.

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