Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lent..... 40 days of posts?!?

Lent starts today.
(thank-you Fat Tuesday and The Cheesecake Factory!!)
In case you don't know, here is what Lent is....
A fast for 40 days and nights.
It is our human attempt to understand what Jesus went through in the desert with no food or water AND being tempted by the devil for the said amount of time.
A puny human attempt.......but at least an attempt.
Years ago our family decided not only would we give up something, we would take on something.
The taking on something (it is supposed to be beneficial) is often harder than giving up something.
This year I am giving up red meat and taking on writing.
I already have high blood pressure.........
But our 40 days and nights are not supposed to be easy.
And I have a tendency to quickly get in "I'm old, I don't HAVE to do anything" moods.
But I truly love to write, and often neglect pretty good ideas.
So if there is anyone out there who could possibly find what I'm thinking, doing, seeing, writing interesting, then here we go.
Thanks for joining me and let me know how Lent is going with YOU !!!!

(Lent is alot about attitude! LOL!)


  1. For lent I am going to read your blog every day

  2. You make me laugh every day !!