Sunday, June 28, 2015

You NEED A Pinecone!


For some weird reason my mother thought I needed to have this pinecone.
I asked her why and she claims it's because we don't have any this big in the mountains.
I didn't know we needed any.
It is 10 1/2 inches tall....prickly.....lopsided.......and......a pinecone.......
It was very confusing to me when my son and I arrived at her home and she said that she had saved this pinecone for me.
"I'm sure you can do something with it", she said proudly knowing my love of crafting.
But I'm not 7 years old any more.
I immediately thought, 'firestarter' but couldn't say it out loud and just said "Ok", leaving the pinecone on the trunk of her car and moving on with other activities
We spent the next few days enjoying the visit and not thinking about the pinecone.
When the time came to leave and we were actually ready to pull out of the drive, she waves us to stop and says "Ooohhh, you forgot your pinecone!"
Dadgummitt...Yes I did....
Gotta take the pinecone.
She seemed pretty normal, healthy and stable during our visit, but the obsession over this pinecone threw my assurance of her mental state off a bit.
So being the loving daughter required by law that I am, the pinecone sits on my desk.
Next to my computer.
Creeping me out a bit.
So I made the pinecone more personable.
Sort of like Wilson in the Castaway movie

Personable Pinecone

I sent the picture to my mother and texting back she says, "I love it! I will have to do that to mine!"
She has one?
I know the tree of origin has many pinecone children but not all of them can be household decorating accessories.
Is there a karma connection or just a guilt one.
It is kind of unsettling.
So to make matters even more bizarre and disturbing, my pinecone now has outfits.

"Let's eat Mexican Food" Pinecone!"

Goth Pinecone.

Cowboy Pinecone.

Mentor Pinecone.

"I am craving Hawaiian Pizza" Tropical Pinecone.

Strangely it was a wee bit fun playing with my pinecone.
But please don't tell my mother.
Or she will send me home with a bag full of the things next time I see her.

Thanks for being here.


Rachelle Culpepper said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love this post. May the cone be with you young 'coneing' master.

Sherry said...

Thank-you y dear, but around here, 'young' only applies to my grandson.
Hhmmmmmm......maybe he would enjoy a pinecone...........

Aprilsaurus said...

HILARIOUS. I think you should send Grandma themed pinecones for holidays. I bet pinecone would look awesome with a mouth, or some of those peel-and-stick mustaches. I am under the impression that you have quite a few of those around your house.

Sherry said...

Thanks! I'll see what I can do.