Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Can I Help You With?

Thanks and apologies to all of you who read my rant post about gifts.
I am sure that you read it and thought.....
"What a grump!"
I read it again myself and thought, "You are one angry elf"
I don't know where that rankled post came from, because I actually love gifts, given and received and I am actually a pretty positive person most all of the time.
But not lately.
It must be the weather.
We have had ice, snow, rain, ceaseless cloudy skies, fallen trees, broken chain saws, no power for a time and some fun opportunities missed because of Mother Nature.
But ice and snow and rain and no power can be fun, something different, an adventure........
...for 10 minutes.
We have had 2 weeks of it, which is well past my 'fresh until' date.

My son tried to cheer me up and asked Siri, on his cell phone, to tell us a joke.
So she did;
"The Past, Present, and Future walked into a was tense".
I thought it was pretty funny.
Trying to keep the mood upbeat, I asked her on MY cell phone to tell us a joke and she said,
"I can't, I always forget the punchline".
Does she know me that well?
Was she having a senior moment?
Her response actually made me chuckle.
So I asked her to tell me something good and she replied,
"That may be beyond my abilities at the moment".
Mine too.
Thats why I asked for your help.
Siri must be depressed.
Which in a weird way cheered my up.

Thanks for being here.

P.S. Know any good jokes?


  1. A blue barge and a red barge ran aground. What happened to the crew? They were marooned!! Cheer up - it is almost over...

  2. What did the ocean say the the shore?

    1. I don't know...what DID the ocean say to the shore??

  3. What is a pirate's favorite letter of the alphabet?