Monday, February 9, 2015

A Piece of Every Book Stays With You. Literally. For Days Maybe.

I have been reading and enjoying books since...forever.
Love books.
Share books.
Keep books.
Books are all over the house stacked on random things or on appropriate book shelves.
The ones all over the house have been read and are ready to be shared or re-read.
The ones stacked in my bedroom on every stair of the step stool or on the night table are 10 deep and waiting to be read.
I would read books to my children when they were old enough to sit up in my lap and notice the pages.
Many of those pages were consumed with enthusiasm.
It could possibly be an undiagnosed medical condition, but all my kids started out chewing their books.
Now my grandson loves to chew his books too.
My home has specifically designed chewable items everywhere, but it seems that the books are the tastiest.
Every person has their own reason for reading and if deliciousness is Jeplen's reason for beginning his literary journey, then the edible way is the way it shall be.
Until he can read for himself, it is imperative that his Grandfather or I read to him the words written on the pages of his books while he anxiously waits (or not) to nibble the pages, drool and taste the book corners till they are mushy and send chewed off bits of the story to his digestive track.
Books are important for a myriad of reasons.
Fiber being near the bottom of the list.
But high on the list, books can be an inspiration for the mind and my grandson will, hopefully, never be without them.

The Tastiness of Books.

Really Getting into the Story.

Thank-you for being here!


  1. So cute! May Jep nibble his way to the knowledge he never would receive if he didn't nibble - I mean read books. :)