Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blue Ink?

Call me crazy but when I write notes to myself or letters or valentines or anything that needs a writing implement, I want it to be in black ink!
There are several other people in this house who also use pens and could care ZERO percent what color the ink is, so there are pens of every color at different places around the house.
So when my phone is MIA and turned to silent mode, that is usually the time that I need to make a note or a list...immediately...and can only grab the nearest pen and paper.
If I grab a black ink pen then all is right with the world.
If the pen has blue ink then my lip curls into a snarl and my note is scribbled as fast as possible to avoid seeing the dreaded blue ink.
I have always been a list maker/note writer so old age crankiness is not the factor here.
It's the ink.
I have always liked black ink.
Well to be fair, I like black anything.
I have lots of black clothes, a black picture frame wall, a black dog, black guest room furniture, was furious when my black iphone died on vacation and I had to get a white one and my husband has black hair.
So when I have to write a list and it looks like this:

Mongrel note.

you will know that I couldn't write another word until I got up and searched the house for a black pen.
...After a loud sigh...
Now blue ink is fine for some people.
But it just doesn't seem legit to me.
Books are printed with black ink.
Road signs are made with black ink.
The angel of death wears black. Would he seem as important if his garb was blue?
Black means serious.
When I write something down with a pen it means its important.
If the only pen I've got is blue, then I might as well just use a crayon in my opinion.

One of our pen stashes.

I'll bet half the pens in that stash pictured above are NOT black.
Why are they still in my house?
Because until I started processing these angry pen color feelings, I never knew it was an issue.
It's weird what becomes important to you when you're blogging........when you should be doing laundry or vacuuming or doing the dishes or dusting or organizing or exercising or cooking dinner or feeding the dogs or raking leaves or calling your mother or...........

Thanks for being here!!!


  1. I like variety myself. I like the thrill and expectation of picking up a pen and NOT knowing what color ink will flow from its protrusion. variety is the spice of life. this is good info though. I certainly will remember if I ever want to get you a fancy pen and pencil set to make sure it is Black ink and black led. thanks for the tip.

    1. Your nice.
      Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Wow, I had no idea you had that kind of focus toward a pen color. I personally will use anything BUT black ink given the chance. Precisely because of the list you made. EVERYTHING is in black. Why be like those people? I want to be different. So, I guess you would not be able to work with me, because my ink of choice on the job is PURPLE. But, maybe if we ever really do get to work with each other, we could strike a compromise...

    1. We 'could' but we won't, because everything, everybody, everyday, everywhere is a compromise..... Why be like those people?
      You say purple, I say black,
      You say compromise, I say no compromise
      purple, black,
      compromise, no compromise.
      Lets call the whole thing off.

  3. I feel the same way only I love BLUE!!! I get so annoyed when my pens are black ink. :)

    1. Well Elizabeth, If and when I ever get around to sorting my pens the blue ones will be in the mail with your name on it !!!! Thats a big IF and a big WHEN though......... p.s. miss you !