Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lets NOT Read This Book Club........

Saw the following books the other day at my local 'sells everything store'.
Maybe you know all about these books, but I had no idea.
(Still wish that I had no idea)

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare.

A warfare Manual ?
An entire Manual?
Is there so much stuff going on that it can be manualized for the masses?
Like a Girl Scout manual?
Are there cookie sales and badges involved?
Is the armor, sword and chainmail pictured on the cover supposed to beckon me?
Shouldn't love be the weapon of choice?
Are there too many question marks in this narrative?
If the title was Deliverance FROM Spiritual Warfare, then maybe.....
Plus I hear banjo music when I see the word Deliverance......
Rest assured that this is definitely not a title that makes me want to read this book.

The Demon Dictionary.

A Volume 2 edition???
Volume 2?
Now I feel like I'm taking Crazy pills?
I never knew about, was looking for, or saw volume 1!
And why is a human so familiar with hell, all it's doctrine and the creatures that dwell there that they can ponder, reference and alphabetize 2.....yes I typed the number 2 again.....books worth of demon information.
Is there going to be a volume 3 or 4 or maybe even....Encyclopedia Demonica?
If demons are bad......that's all I need to know.
No introduction or dictionary needed.
My demon education was completed at 6 years old when I watched the end of Fantasia.
Lesson Learned?
Avoid demons under every circumstance.
This book would be one of those every circumstances, so I am positive that I will NOT...ever...ever...ever....never....read this book.

How to Expel Demons, Break Curses and Release Blessings.

Expel, Break, Release.........Repeat?

This book sounds like you will stay very busy.
That's all I can type about this one.
This is definitely a 'Let's NOT Read This Book' book.

I am truly puzzled over the oddness and darkness of each of the 3 books of the books which I referenced above.
They were all together, like best friends, on a shelf.
They were all at discount prices.
They were all displayed in front of the romance books.??
They all truly caught me off guard.
I was looking for Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey!
Which I did not find.

I don't even look for any books at the 'sells everything store' anymore.
At all.
It's too scary!
I am obviously WAY out of touch with the interests in my community and I really don't care to get caught up.

A small shiver of speculation......
A quiet shudder at the thought.....
Followed by a good case of the willies....

Thanks for being here.


  1. Encyclopedia Demonica. Your brain works in strange and wonderful ways that I find completely refreshing. Another great post. Thanks for blogging!

  2. Another great comment. Thanks for reading my blog!!!!!!