Friday, May 30, 2014

Gotta Love a Small Town.

Small town life is a good thing.
Sometimes it is frustrating when you have to take a trip to the big city to get what you need for a project or you get one choice and one choice only for internet and it is 'prehistoricnet' at best.
But it is good for raising kids, learning to drive, running quick errands and good restaraunts.
Most of our eateries are local and you know the owners or the managers or the wait staff or the chicken that is now on your plate.
We have gotten lots of new fast food places over the years, but one chain has been here for decades and they understand living in a small town.

Dairy Queen.

Lots of small towns in Georgia have a Dairy Queen and its Gods way of blessing the south.
Last night I wanted ice cream.
So 'everyone' (everyone=humans and dogs) piled into the car, because it was hot in the house and my car has some cold air conditioning and off we go to Dairy Queen.
We pull up to the drive-thru where upon I order what I want, my husband orders what he wants, we get our cash total and pull up to the window.
The sweet girl there hands us the first thing from our order, then looks in the car and squeals with delight, "Puppies!"
She then asks if we want doggy cups?
We reply, "Sure that would be great, they love ice cream!" We answer as if we can speak Dog, because we can, and we know they would 'hound' us and drool near us while we ate ours if they did not have some of their own.
So she finishes giving us our order, gives us 2 small doggy cups of ice cream, says good-bye to the 'puppies' and we head home, grateful that we live in a small town and have a local Dairy Queen.
Yes, this sounds like a commercial, but I swear to you that this fabulousness is true and unsolicited.

Gotta Love a Small Town!!

Dairy Queen Delights.

Thanks for being here.

p.s. If any of you comment or email me that ice cream is bad for dogs, please don't take offense when I say that my dogs love me more than your dogs love you.
p.s.s. The previous comment was kinda cheeky and audacious, sorry. I must have eaten too much ice cream.
p.s.s.s. That is a pile of towels to wash in the background of the picture, sorry. I was too busy eating ice cream to do laundry.


  1. You should email this story to Dairy Queen Corporate. It is the best advertising no money can buy. - Or the chicken that is now on your plate - I almost pit out my coffee laughing. Good One.

  2. Lovely story!!