Friday, May 9, 2014



My favorite scary thing.
Although he does not give me nightmares (any more) and my mother makes me gasp, hold my breath and become bug-eyed more than most movie monsters ever did, he is still quite near and dear to my heart.

When I was young there was a late night Friday show called 'The Creature Feature'.
My father watched it every week and would invite my sister and I to join him.
It was the only time our mother would let us stay up late.
We saw giant spiders, detached body parts that stalked people, giant ants, mummies, Frankenstein and of course Godzilla, as well as our mother rolling her eyes when Dad read the movie title of this weeks Creature movie.

Godzilla (the King) on Friday nights and the fact that I had lots of iguanas as pets growing up in Florida, lizards were/are some of my favorite animals.

On a recent trip to Florida I made some new friends:

Florida Godzilla Fans.

These lizards heard me tell them all about the upcoming movie that will be showing in just 7 days and even though I told them they could not see the picture show with me they still posed for the camera.

Totes Presh.

Thanks for being here.

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