Monday, May 12, 2014

Same Thing, Different Day.

I am always prepared.
Girl Scout, Swat team, Zombie apocolypse ready.
Overly prepared most times actually.

Case in point:
I brought on my vacation; 3 suitcases full of clothes, outfits, shoes with various accessories as well as one black trash bag full of towels and odd things, a laundry basket of assorted supplies and a tool box, so that anything I could possibly need would be at my disposal.

Guess what?

I am wearing the same clothes over and over.
2 outfits and a swimsuit.
Thats all I really needed to bring.
(I did use a screwdriver once, but not on my outfit so it doesn't count in this post)
I could have packed in a Walmart bag.
I did try on a different pair of flip flops one day, but most everything else I brought was for some fantasy vacation.
It's like I have a vacation uniform.

Ernest P. Worrell has invaded my psyche.
His wardrobe apparently is my vacation inspiration.
Same thing. Different Day.

Ernest P Worrell - Fashion Genius

And what's weird about it is that I do that alot.
I never know what I will need!
If I had only packed the 2 outfits I am wearing repeatedly, then I would have hated them and wished I had brought other things.

That's why I don't travel much.
It's hard.
But I do the 'uniform' thing cause it's easy.... and lazy.
Isn't that what vacation is all about?
Taking it easy and being lazy?

Packing effectively for going other places is not something I can accurately do at home.

I can't prepare so I'll be prepared!
Does that even make sense?

I would be an awesome bag lady.

Thanks for being here.

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  1. I am prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse too!!! How cool is that??!! However, clothes are not the 'same thing different day' problem for me. Other things fall into that category....know what I mean Vern????