Sunday, April 19, 2015

Meow-Meow and Mongo

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned my 2 loving dogs in this blog, but I never went into much detail about them.
Someday I will.
They deserve it.
But today is not that day.
Today I will be mentioning my 2 cats.
In my opinion these cats haven't really merited an entire blog post mention but thats definitely not their opinion, just mine, so please don't tell them I said that or they will bite me in the night when I try to rearrange the covers.
Don't get me wrong, they are pretty good cats and very sweet.
But they also are needy and licky and sneaky and full of wet expendable hair that apparently needs to be on display for everyone, like Fine Art for your floors.
This artwork is sometimes on display in the foyer, in the middle of the dining room... the laundry to the dog dish...the computer table...the coat closet.....whoa, that's enough.
You get the idea.
I now present, in fairy tale/tail mode, a brief version of their story:

Both cats are about 4 years into their reign over the kingdom I live in.
One rules over our castle(home) and the other rules over the enchanted forest(yard) surrounding the castle.
They were both abandoned in this kingdom while under an evil spell(they were sickly) cast by nasty trolls(the previous owners) within 2 weeks of each other.
We took them in, fed and groomed them for their royal duties and then quickly took them to the Mighty Wizard(the Vet) who helped heal them of their various afflictions.
Knowing that they would now live and reside in our kingdom, we named them.
The first kitten we called Meow-Meow, which translates in this kingdom to: "she who meows a lot and loudly".
Since she was the first to arrive, she chose the castle to rule from and immediately crowned herself 'The lovely Queen Meow-Meow of the Castle'.
She performs her self appointed royal duties by daily meowing, biting, grooming, knocking items off the counter tops that do not meet her approval, snuggling, coughing up her royal hair balls, taunting the jesters(our dogs), all while taking her daily regal strolls through the mighty halls of the castle.

Queen Meow-Meow Looking Lovely for her Kingdom

Queen Meow-Meow in her favorite castle window

Queen Meow-Meow wordlessly telling her subjects to bugger off

The second cat we call Mongo.
Yes it is sad name, but she was a sad abandoned kitten.
She was left outside the castle walls at 4 weeks of age in horrible condition with eye ooze, fleas, worms and a very tiny, malnourished, royal body.
When the Mighty Wizard (the vet) and the Royal Castle Doctor/Maid (me) finally healed her, she crowned herself, 'The lovely Queen Mongo of the Enchanted Forest'.
She loves ruling her kingdom, but because Mother Nature and Queen Mongo do such a good job together, we really don't know what she does in a royal day besides just hanging out on the patio ruling all she surveys or resting on a deck railing where she can be high off the ground and warm.
She does sleep in the castle every night because the enchanted forest at night can be very scary to a tiny Queen who's Royal Guards(our dogs again as Queen Mongo sees them) also sleep inside the castle.
This queen has trust issues, so she is rarely seen by any royal subjects and never by strangers.
She developed these issues after living with those horrible trolls during her youth, so no one may approach her except the Royal Castle Doctor/Maid (me again) and Queen Meow-Meow
Some subjects even make wishes on a rare Queen Mongo sighting.

Queen Mongo looking lovely in the Spring

Queen Mongo in royal stealth mode.

Queen Mongo being regal in the garden

So those are my cats.
Their story is true.
This fairy tale made from their story is silly.
But as a servant of this kingdom, I have been assigned the duty of sharing their story.
Maybe they do deserve a blog post, the cute little, purring, fuzzballs!

Thank-you for being here.


  1. I just love a good Cat Fairy Tail. Bravo! So glad you included the Meow-Meow Harry Potter Owl impersonation picture. My favorite! They are the prettiest Queens in all the land! May you and your royal felines have a wonderful week!

  2. The 'about time to build an ark' siege of rain is finally letting up so there is much rejoicing in the kingdom!
    Thanks for reading my post!