Thursday, April 2, 2015

Going...Going....Gray !

Going gray with your hair is a hard thing to do.
It means admitting that you are not young yourself AND to the rest of the world with eyesight.
But there is also a point in your life when there is no more camouflaging or disquising parts of your body to create the illusion of youth, because it is all moving south daily as if to get a head start on picking out your burial plot....soooo gray hair is the least of your worries.
When the decision was made to go gray, I had still been living in my 'youth' fantasy by retaining my 'youthful' blonde hair with highlights.
My hairdresser, Michelle, is fabulous with color and had done great job in the past of keeping my hair in its 20's, but it was time to let Nature do what Nature does.
So when I decided to go gray last year, see Gray Grandma post, and had to stop the blonde and grow out the gray, I had no regrets AT ALL.... except for those tell-tale blonde highlighted ends.

Gray Roots or Blonde Ends?

So I went back to Michelle, who is gorgeous and has fabulous blonde hair of her own, and let her 'cover up' the remnants of my youth.
I mean who does that?
We don't 'cover up' our young-ness, most of us cling to it like dog hair on a sweater.

Fabulous Michelle

So Michelle gave me low-lights and blended my gray hair effortlessly.
She has a gift.

Lowlights in Gray Hair.

No more blonde ends.
Or at least not nearly as many.
Keeping it long and gray is where I am right now and I love it.
Hope this post is helpful for those of you trying to decide when and how to come over to
the 'Gray Side'.
It's a blast over here!

Thanks for reading my blog!

P.S. Below is a pic of the process, in case you're know the time during your hair appointment when you can pick up a really good WiFi signal, maybe a cable channel or at least have protection from aliens reading your mind.

Lowlights and Alien Protection.


  1. You are way more brave than I - and I don't mean about the grey hair. If I had been in that chair, the 'alien hat' picture of the 'greying process' would never grace a camera, or a phone, or anyone's memory banks - let alone post a picture of me like that on the world wide web!! Grey hair must make you brave. However, I will remain a coward if you don't mind...

    Greyt post!

  2. Simply beautiful darling! Someone told me recently I was to OLD to have long hair. We no longer speak. :) Who wants to fix their hair every day when you pull it up???

    1. Exactly! YOU look fabulous with long hair (she was jealous of you)!! When I was almost 30 someone told me then that I was too old to have long hair. I was a young preachers wife trying to be good so I believed her and cut it all off. I regretted that decision for years. Long hair is awesome!!
      Thanks for your support!