Sunday, April 26, 2015


Books are very important to my family.
So much so that there are only very rare occasions when someone in the family is without a book of some kind.
We read them, listen to them, talk about them, pre-order them, share them, compare the books to the movie, read them again and rarely part with the good ones.
A good book salvaged at a thrift store is a major find to us.
The lively hood of this family even centers around a book.
We all love books and want our family's new addition to share this book joy.
So this happened....

Jeplen reads with Grandpa.

Eva wants to join in on the Story Time.

Baxter arrives late but loves a good story.

There you have it.
Toooo cute.
Another peak into my strange and marvelous world.
That book was read approximately 7 or 10 times in one sitting.
You are actually reading an online quasi-book right now!
There are all kinds of books.

Thanks for being here.


  1. Great post! I love the progression of additional 'readers' to each picture. The Baxter photo bomb just cracks me up! No telling how many 'readers' you would have had in picture form if you had sat there even longer!! What a great family!