Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I have a chicken on my head.
My mother gave these pictures to me recently and printed on the backs of each was "young Sherry and chicken".
Nothing unusual.
Except that it's on my head and chickens poop a lot!
I had raised this one from a tiny yellow chick (pic below) and have no idea what happened to it.
I would like to think that it won prizes and awards when it grew up (my sister was in FFA) but it probably was consumed by a neighbor.
A neighbor family ate our rabbits when my family went on a camping trip.
We know this because one neighbor told on the other neighbor.
My family had fish, cats, iguanas, rabbits, chickens and hungry neighbors.
I guess my mom took the picture while the chicken was still alive, or while I was still alive
(you never know what's on the neighbors menu).
Anyway, I don't remember poop or death or even the picture, but I do remember loving animals (more than my neighbors) and I'm glad someone captured the moment
(before they captured the chicken).
Maybe other folks began to miss pets too because after 'Bunnygate' the thieving neighbors moved out.
I hope they got pooped on.

Thanks for going back in time with me.


  1. HAHAHAHA!! My new favorite post! Loved the post (but not the neighbors)!!

  2. If a total stranger asked me to describe my mother in one photograph, my first instinct would probably be to share with them one of these photos.
    I would instead use a photo that included myself (naturally) but I would think about these first.
    Sorry about the rabbits. :(

    1. Yes, rabbits need to stay as far from our family as possible !!