Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nana, Grandma, Granny, Gram or.....

Since I became a grandmother, everyone has been asking me what I want to be called.
I want to be called 'that rich lady' or 'that young girl' or Scarlet Johansson, but I will likely not be handed one of those monikers anytime soon.
My children suggested 'Gramalama ding dong', Grammaster Flash, Gramraham Lincoln and Gramzilla. All fun and likable, but a bit questionable.

But for me, it really is a hard question. In my mind the naming should be left up to the grandchild so they can toy with the name and call you whatever they happen to be able to say. But apparently with 2 actively participating grandmothers there needs to be a right now distinction between us, so the parents can effectively argue about our grandparenting strengths, weaknesses and inheritance possibilites, as well as distinguish, to the grandchild, who's side of the family they should or should not take after.

The other grandmother wants to be called 'Nana'.
She picked it a while ago and I am glad.
I can scratch that option off my list.
My own grandmother was Gram.
My sister and I enjoyed that name because both of us were/are strangely addicted to and love to eat graham crackers, especially the cinnamon ones, and we would actually call her 'Gram Cracker' when we were in a playful mood(she probably wanted to slap us but never let on).
I could never be as good of a grandmother as she was so that name has essentially been taken off and crossed from my options list.

So I think I'm going with Grammy.
Yes, just like the award.
After all it's an accolade to recognize outstanding achievement.
I can live with that.

A Grammy Grammy

For my grandson it will just be my name.
But to me... I will be:
something people work for... ("Time to pick up your new toys Grammy got you!"),
something that people want... ("Of course Grammy will give you a cookie"),
something they want to bring home... ("Grammy will get those old monsters out from under your bed!"),
something they cherish... ("Grammy thinks you're the best grandchild that God ever made"),
something they can brag about... (" My Grammy once found a rattlesnake that had 14 babies!").

Appreciated and loved...just like a real, gold colored, on TV, Grammy Award.

Only with slightly different reasons.
Besides I could potentially use the horn as a hearing aid when I go deaf.

Thanks for being here.
Have a great day !


  1. Hahahahaha!!! Your posts just keep getting better & better!!! Gramalicious!!

  2. I called Great Grandma "Grrr" for GReat GRandma GRace" You could be Grammyl :)