Monday, April 14, 2014

"Mmmmmm, I Love Breakfast Cereal." Donna Meagle

I believe I have mentioned in past blogs that I enjoy cooking and making food.
It's kinda fun and therapeutic for me like fishing, shopping or reading my blog is for other people.
To prove my point, I would like to share with you a look at all the cookbooks I have acquired.

Graceful Grandma Cookbook Cabinet.

Yes, I have cooked from every single one of those books at some point in my life.
At some point.

Now I use the computer.
Need a recipe, I look it up, and if it has 5 stars than I will give it a try.
Cookbooks are treasures. They were meant to be read through almost like a regular book, telling a story of cooks before you, while marking the pages of recipes that look delicious and that you would like to try.
Pinterest kinda does that with pictures, but I have tried many and liked very few of those recipes.
Used to be I would choose some recipes out of a book, add the ingredients I needed to my shopping list and then look forward to when they were on the weekly menu schedule.
Now, I look at what I have on hand, THEN find a recipe that matches, at least kind of matches. They say use chicken, I say lets try Spam. Just kidding, I would thaw some fish sticks.

That is, IF I decide to cook anything at all.
When you're an empty nester there is little motivation to whip up something marvelous and impress....yourself?

That is why God made cereal.
Nutritious...easy...only 2 ingredients, if you add the milk and delicious.
Sometimes it's the best recipe in the cabinet.

Thanks for being here.
Enjoy a foodie day !!

"People who love to eat are always the best people."
Julia Child


  1. I can offer you quite a few more cookbooks to help fill up your cabinet!! You definitely don't have enough! :)

  2. I can attest to the delectable goodness of momma birds aka graceful grandma's cooking. There are no bones poking through the skin at our house