Sunday, October 15, 2017

How much is it?

Such an elusive thing.
My father always told me that "The rich get richer and the poor...can't do anything about it".
Words to think about.
No, he didn't always say that.
What he always said was "Would you please get some fudge ripple ice-cream when you go to the store?"
No, he only sometimes said that.
What he always said was "How much is it?"
Now that is a phrase that most everyone can relate to.
I thought that as I got older I would have more disposable income and wouldn't have to worry about that question.
I don't know why I thought that.
It's a good thought but completely erroneous.
"How much is it?"
I ask that question when I buy groceries, get gas, watch TV, do ANY sort of shopping or gift giving.
Everything in my world revolves around that question.
It stinks.
What brought it up was this shirt:

Neil Young is my Co-Pilot shirt

Not something I need, (I don't even wear t-shirts!) just some sentiment I think is adorable because I have liked Neil Young since forever and still have the ticket stub from the first concert I ever went to which was...of course...Neil Young and the ticket was $3.00.
ARE YOU KIDDING?????????????????
Yes, $3.00 !!!!
That is how old I am.
Kinda bragging right here, but that is free.
So I thought the shirt was cute.
But when I found it online-here it was $78.00!!!
It's a freaking t-shirt!!!!
Kinda crazy.
Don't even wanna spend that much on a casket.
Like who cares how cute your death box is.
But I understand that a casket and all the death party accessories can be quite expensive.
Not that I am ready to shop for that yet.
Google says the average funeral is $7000-$10000!
And you don't even get fudge ripple ice-cream for any guests who might show up to say good-bye thrown in as a bonus!
Google's average estimate cost for burial makes $78.00 for a dumb t-shirt almost look like a good deal!
Especially if I save it for my funeral outfit!
Spend it while you got it people.

Thanks for being here!


Rachelle Culpepper said...

I had no idea Neil Young was your first concert. I learn something new about you all the time. My question is - what do you do with a $78 shirt once Neil Young passes on to the big concert hall in the sky? Take me for instance, if I had one that said :"John Denver is my Co-Pilot," it would be unwearable today because all I would think about was, "My co-pilot? They don't even know where his head is!" Geez, I can take the most innocuous thing and turn it morbid. I will chalk that up to it being close to Halloween. Loved the post. I wouldn't pay $78 for your post though.... :)

Sherry said...

Would you pay $29.95 for my post?

Rachelle Culpepper said...

If you will take $25 - consider it done!

mittens said...

When you realize that the stuff we all remember (and probably still have kicking about the house) are now considered vintage...sorta puts aging in new category. Anything 50 yrs or older is now vintage. Once you get used to it, it's not bad, but it did snap me under the chin a bit the first time I saw it.

Sherry said...

Right you are!!