Wednesday, August 23, 2017

'Body' Language?

Body part parade.

Above you can see some lovely ladies of my clan walking around with body parts.
Mannequin body parts, but still body parts.
We got lots of funny looks and even more comments on the oddness of our group as well as pictures taken because folks said that nobody would believe them if they told the story of how they saw our strange but merry band carrying fake people in their arms.
It was a great financial deal on the lot of torsos and we were quite pleased to get them not realizing the big deal people would make of them as we carried them to the car even though they had been for sale and on display ALL DAY before we found them.

My 3 year old grandson was not so pleased.
Not pleased AT ALL.
When we rested the full body mannequin up against the wall to wait for it's new owner to claim it, he would not go near it.
Could not even turn the hall corner in case he might glance up at it.
Told us it was scary.
He was/is 100% correct.
Unclothed mannequins are like deadness on display.
Not that there is anything wrong with deadness, you just don't expect to pass by it on your tricycle eating a pudding pop.
That's why mannequins usually have clothes on, they are trying to fool people into thinking they are regular humans just trying to be part of what's happening.

So we rectified the situation for him as you can see in the next picture...

Auntie Amy comes to visit.

The cardboard face is from my daughters wedding and has added birthdays, dinners and working as a very effective security guard in our home for about 6 weeks to it's face-only job resume.
The clothing is a raincoat.
That is all it took and the grandson was fine with it.
He asks if Amy will be there when we get in the car on the ride to my house.
He even tells 'Amy' goodbye when he goes home after staying with me for the day.
But the mannequin finally went to it's forever home and my grandson has asked where Amy is repeatedly ever since.
We just tell him, "She's at work" and he seems ok with that.
He hasn't seen the real Amy since the mannequin Amy left.
Can't wait to see his reaction when they finally meet again.

Simple things.

Thanks for being here.


Rachelle Culpepper said...

Thanks for outing me. I thought I told you to never post pictures of me! Now I am going to have to contact my agent and get a new name and location. Let me tell you, Witness Protection is not what it is cracked up to be. But the post is hysterical.

Sherry said...

You are safe my dear.
The sunglasses mask your identity completely.
Ask Superman!
He maintained his secret with glasses that had clear lenses!
Glad you liked the post!