Friday, July 8, 2016

Too Much Pain...

In my blog I usuually try to keep things light, upbeat and generally silly.
There is a reason and a survivalist mentality to that approach.
I am easily overwhelmed and sometimes feel as if I would rather die than bear the weight of the sorrow I feel when I hear about the wickedness and meanness that other humans render on other humans such as has been in the news the last few days.
My heart breaks and my soul withers when I read tragic news snippets that appear on my phone or computer of some person deliberately causing pain to another person.
Yet it seems that pain is the balm we repeatedly use to assuage our own pain!
Has pain, misery and death ever been the best and fastest path to resolution?
If it has, I have never heard of it.
Or seen it.
I have never heard any stories passed down through the generations about the benefits of human destruction being the enlightened pathway.
Life is hard.
I get it.
I've lived it.
I know it on a cellular level.
I also know that LOVE is the ONLY thing that helps us survive.
That helps us cope.
That heals our wounds and lets us see clearly into another day.
But you knew that.

Thanks for being here.


  1. I have been trying to think of something to post about this but my words would never been as poignant or eloquent as yours. Such perfect words for such a horrifying situation. Thank YOU for posting.