Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Macy's Can't Have All The Parades...

Here in the South we are always ready for a celebration.
So when a parade needs some more floats to make the festivities last a bit longer
then we are up for the challenge.
Here are a few of the participants:

Mud is always a fabulous addition to the holiday lights.

A Christmas sticker properly placed makes any ride festive.

Who can forget the adornment of the traditional Christmas bear on the hood?

But before you roll you eyes and mutter judgement under your breath, maybe consider the following:
Recall if you will that humans thought it would be a good idea if a reindeer had lights.
That's illuminated wildlife people but we all think it's adorable.
We put lights and ornaments on fledgling lumber and display it in our windows like a trophy.
Sometimes our homes are also decorated and blinking with blasting syncopated music that aliens can only assume is some sort of intergalactic signal.
We love it and oooo and ahhhh.
A couple dozen decorated vehicles are what we got going on over here and it was marvelous.
There were of course, other real floats and Santa Claus as well as the Marching Band with a loud drum line that the grand baby thought was awesome.

Lights and decorations are important to humans and apparently we will put them on
anything because we are afraid of the dark and celebrate!

That is why we stood for
81 minutes,
in the freezing cold,
in the dark and
were happy to do it.

Merry Christmas!
And decorate like everyone is watching!

Thank-you for being here.


  1. How fun & festive! I wish our parade had some of those floats! That would make it fun - and worth going to!

    1. 'Merica. Land of the free and home of the mud-truck-doorless float.