Monday, November 3, 2014

But have I mentioned....?

What a weekend it was.
Crazy, crazy.
There were Day of the Dead celebrations everywhere.
Halloween parties for young and old.
Trick or Treating in the streets.
Voodoo Fest in New Orleans
Friday the 13th even tried to disquise itself as the 31st this year, but since I'm mildly dyslexic I saw right through that one.
But have I mentioned....that I broke my wrist this weekend?
I wasn't even participating in any of the many festive activities when it happened, so it was just a totally unimaginative, awkward, embarassing, uncoordinated and mostly laughable display of bone breakage.

I stepped on a rock going down a small cement hill that knocked me off balance and this stumbling, flailing, hefty human picked up speed all the way to the bottom of that hill.
My wrist finally came to the rescue and stopped the 'once in motion always in motion' beast that I had become.
I survived the fall but my wrist was badly wounded and was taken to not 1 but 2 emergency rooms so it could tell the world how carelssly it had been treated.
After hours of paperwork, skin freezing, pain shots, waiting, Chinese finger traps (I am not making that up), ring cutting off, more waiting, x-rays, ice packs, bone twisting, stretching and putting back in place, cast making, more waiting and finally release from the house of horror hospital, my wrist and I arrived home relieved that we were free from probing doctors, interns and nurses.
Have I mentioned....that the follow-up Doctor tells me there is 50-50 chance my bone could 'slip' back out of place and I would need surgery.......
There was a sucking sound in the room as my will to live was temporarily removed.
I am already overwhelmed with how much I CAN'T do that the thought of doing even less sends me into a spiral of sofa laying, TV watching, book reading, phone game playing flurry of bone protecting non-activity.
Hey wait.
I said that like it's a bad thing.
Well it must be because now I'm feeling painful discomfort and laziness guilt.
This is like a bad dream that I can't wake up from.
But have I mentioned....that I AM awake and one handedly typing this post to authenticate the fact that it all really happened.

Thanks for being here.


  1. You need to write a book - or for your mildly dyslexic self - a koob. I NEED to have the first copy. GET WELL SOON! Don't make me come up there....

    Did that last sentence sound like a threat? Good!

  2. Your comments always crack me up and are always awesome!!!!!!

  3. I simply and totally adore my readers!!!!!!!!!