Thursday, September 18, 2014

Speck in my eye....

A few folks have asked why I don't post articles about religion or spiritual things on my blog, especially since I'm a preachers wife and all.
Well there might come a day when I do, but I can't see it happening any time soon....or in this lifetime.
My experience has taught me that no matter what I say or how I say it, someone will interpret it wrong and all backwards, claiming that I am misguided and contrary, which invariably reflects on my husband. The Preacher.
My husband and I disagree on more things than you can shake a stick at, but we do not spew venom at each other for being on opposite sides of the fence on a selected topic.
There is an understanding that we are mentally, spiritually, emotionally, mistakenly ;), or whatever, in a different place on said subject and we move on.

But a lot of people that disagree with the preacher and/or his wife, don't move on.
Somehow they have to verbalize and remind folks repeatedly that we are in disagreement.
Somehow we have to fit into a preconceived notion or box.
Somehow they believe that ministers and their families should behave and act a certain way and they know which way God intended.
They feel the need to point out our differences, discrepancies and where we fall short, all the while insisting that it is done in love.
I think I would call it judgment.
Is that what will bridge the differences.....More judgement?
Is that what will change my mind and my thoughts.....More judgement?

Not in my world.

That said, I will not be any sort of reflection on my preacher husband who more often than not, works 100 hour weeks, is on call 24/7 and has to be at every celebration, tragedy, baptism and funeral all the while remaining compassionate, caring, spiritual and positive.
His job is hard enough without having to deal with what people might think of my thoughts.

So anyway, I can't go there.
I will not speak to you of spiritual things.
Nope. Not gonna happen.
Been there.
Done that.
Didn't work out.

Thanks for being here.
Now I've gotta go get a log outta my eye.


  1. So, what religion most resembles the mind of God. Ahhhh, just joshing. I could not have said it better myself - well I could have maybe, but we may disagree about that. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I kill me!!!!

    GREAT post. Obviously written about Mom. LOL!! Again - I kill me!!

    Good post. A little "preachy" though. NOT. Joking again! I should be a comedian!!

    Seriously - Excellent post. EXCELLENT!

    1. I'm guessing.....Martini lunch??
      How can I not laugh at you laughing at yourself?? :)
      Thanks for the comment !
      Not about Mom though.

  2. I am proud the be the preacher of such an amazing preachers wife!!!!!!!