Thursday, September 25, 2014

Never to Young for Music.

Music has always been important in my family.
My parents were both excellent singers.
Not professionally, just churchally, weddingally, funerally and car radioally.
We used to perform and entertain as a family for groups around town when my sister and I were young and adorable.
As we got older my sister and I played guitar and sang occasionally for school groups, friends weddings and camp-outs.
We can harmonize like nobody's business.
Inspiration began early as my father played the harmonies of Sons of the Pioneers and Smothers Brothers for hours on end and reminded us repeatedly that they were fabulous.

My children grew up hearing and loving music of all kinds as well and are talented in their own right, but there is a now grandchild in the mix and it is agreed that he is going to start his music education early.
He already pays rapt attention to anybody singing a real song or making one up about a stinky dog pooty, so when my son was playing guitar on the floor with him he was immediately curious and attentive.
So I wanted to share with you, Jeplen's first music lesson at Grammy's house:

First, you grab it and try to make it yours....

Second, you make sure you're not in trouble....

Third, you eat it...or at least see what it tastes like!!!

First lesson complete.
He is well on his way.

'Music is Life, that's why our hearts have beats!'

Smothers Brothers Bonus Video!!:

Sons of the Pioneers Bonus Video!!

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  1. I LOVE IT ALL!!! Too cute pictures with too cute captions! Too great of a Smothers Brothers clip! Too smooth with the Sons of the Pioneers. This one was FAB!