Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Having a perfect grandson doesn't leave me many grandbaby antics to blog about.
He plays perfectly, makes perfect baby noises, looks perfect and is probably devising the recipe for the perfect medicine to cure the common cold as well as making a perfect plan to begin world peace inside his perfect brain.

He still just drools an awful lot and motorboats his lips, so communication about sneezing and the end of war is pretty much at a minimum.
But he drools perfectly.

Perfect Baby Jeplen

Perfect Baby Jeplen Again (with drool)

Now I know you are rolling your eyes over this post because the last time I checked every other grandmother had perfect grandchildren too.
I understand perfectly.

Thanks for being here.
You are perfect bleaders* !

*blog readers


  1. Awwww. That is just the cutest! He has the 'perfect' grandmother too!! Hugs & Kisses to both!

  2. I think he looks pretty perfect!!! So sweet and precious! <3 Love you!