Friday, June 21, 2013,....temp...ta....tion,..too.....strong.......


Yes, it has happened.

Re-mom twilight zone.

I see cute things.

Baby things.

Re-mom things.

They are orbiting in my world. They say "Look at me!, Look at me!" "Buy me!, Buy me!" I see them every where !!

Here are a few :

1) Saw this and LIKED it ??? Thought it was sweet. I wanna BE this Granny? What ??

2) Saw this on pinterest. Loved it !! Wanted to buy it already but the etsy artist was sold out. Already ??

3) Know I HAVE to have THIS gadget ! Wanted this when my kids were little!!!! ALL of them loved a rocking chair. This one is for Re-moms on the go ! Able to make a rocker out of any chair !

4) Or how about this ?? All things grandmotherly !?!

Looks delightful, but not for me.

Anyway, I notice Re-mom stuff and Re-mom stuff notices me. It was inevitable. Kids are great all the time, so I will begin the assent into grandchild temptation..........

Pray for me...............

(I can't stop !)

Thanks for reading my blog !!


  1. Serioulsy, you wanted to buy that hat?? It is a child - not an ice cream cone!! :P

  2. Well, eeexxxxcccuuuusssseeeee me !!!! I think it is presh ! :)