Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's all about the verbage...............

Last Sunday I was surprised and excited to find out that I was expecting my first grandchild !

It is so exciting, in fact, that I can not sleep, get a bad cases of the 'what-if's", and can barely bring myself to tell people about it !

It is the verbage.

My Mothers mom was a fabulous grandmother but she had white hair the minute I remember her.

I have seen pictures of her when she was young and she was gorgeous with black hair and a lovely smile.

And while I don't have white hair or consider myself a knockout, I don't consider myself old !

Old is Galapagos tortoise old, pyramid old, dinosaur old, even universe old !

The word grandmother is almost a synonym to the word 'old' in my mind.

Not older...... but OLD !

How will I avoid this?

I will be a 'Re-Mom'.

Like recycling my motherhood.

It is my 'green' word for grandmother.

Just taking care of and enjoying kids........AGAIN.

No age involved. None.

Re-Mom........ I like it !


Dodged that bullet. I feel better already.

Lets go eat cereal, watch some cartoons and then build a sheet fort.

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  1. great to have you branching out into a new field. Sorry about the chickens. I look forward to your exploration into grandmotherdom.

  2. Re-Mom. Classic. Can I call you Re-Ma??? :)

  3. I love it! Re-Mom... you could start a whole new trend with that phrase!!! You are going to be an amazing re-mom! So excited for you and to read all about it on your blog.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth !! So good of you to follow and read my blog, I am grateful !! Hope all is well !