Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Godzilla says "Happy Easter".

Some folks play with dolls.
Some play with toy soldiers.
Some build models or color to keep their mind in check.
This is what I do....

Godzilla Scares Up Some Easter Bunny Peeps.

Godzilla Chases the Easter Bunny Peeps Through the Easter Fields.

Godzilla Has Pushed the Easter Bunny Peeps Too Far and They Take Back Easter!

You're Welcome.

Happy Easter!!

Thank-you for being here.

Bonus Pics!!!!

Vintage Godzilla Eliminates the Easter Bunny.

Vintage Godzilla Stomps the Easter Bunny.

Vintage Godzilla Takes the Easter Bunny and the Easter Basket as Victory Swag.

The End.