Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ponder This.

My ponderer is broke.
Not broken even.
Thats too polite, and too grammatically correct.
It's just broke.
Broke down.
Broke up.
Broke sidewards.

I must first offer my gratitude to those faithful readers who keep checking my blog and wondering when my next 'saga' will post.
I must next offer the excuse that lately my brain has been going for about 4 or 5 sentences and then stops on a dime.
It will then refuse to ponder the who's, what's, where's, why's, and when's of basically any information that enters its little gray cells.
And I am a curious person.
But not lately.

Now, I'm no Doctor, but these symptoms surely point to a broke ponderer.
But I can't even care that its broke.
I've got it that bad.
I should probably quarantine myself.
I shouldn't even be blogging right now.
But sitting down to write is kinda like swallowing a spoonful of bad tasting medicine.
Sort of like daring my ponderer to engage.
But I think I can actually feel it working a bit because this post is up to 20 sentences!
Maybe my ponderer is on the mend!
I am quite surprised actually.
I have tried this writing therapy daily but to no avail, till today

But I love to blog.
The posts come to me and I can not NOT write them down.
But when your ponderer is broke, the only thing that comes to you is...................................


So I will post this printed ponderless proclamation purposefully to see if my ponderer perks up.

Love that quote.

Thanks for being here.
I mean that profoundly.


  1. Well, I am broke, but my ponderer is still intact. From reading your post though, I believe your ability to translate your ponderness into readable paragraphs is more the thing that is broke than your actual ability to ponder. So in a way, that is better. Because once your ponderer is broke, there is no reason to live. Have you thought that maybe just your fingers, or your computer, or your keyboard, or the chair you sit upon to write your ponderings are the ones broke and you just don't know it?? Maybe it is just a zillion distractions. Think on those things because at least that way, you don't have to question YOURSELF. Because I doubt that your pondering days will ever be done. Just saying! :)

    1. What you say makes a lot of sense.
      I will ponder on it today if I can.

      p.s. I always question myself. I'm pretty sure it's the common denominator for every excuse.

  2. wonder if you might ponder the pond, ie how all your little baby frogs stay alive? They are so small and so many things to eat them. what is the success/survival rate? where do they all go. what are they saying all night? You could take a picture of one and then chronicle it's life over the next few weeks/months.
    You could ponder your cabin, have you talked about it much? Ponder why someone might choose to stay at a cabin as opposed to a hotel room or stay in a tent/rv? what are they searching for? an adventure? something different? reaching for something they lost or never had? what is the lure of a cabin in the woods? a cabin by a stream? a cabin with history? Escape? romance? self discovery? is one person trying to help their partner/mate/spouse find, discover, achieve, something?
    you could ponder imponderables! make a list. ask us to add to it.
    you could ponder your art collection. show pictures, explain what you like and why you like it/bought it.
    you could ponder the attraction of dippin dots
    you could ponder the current state of the blueberries and raspberry's. why they send off all those shoots, why they want to divide and conquer and live and thrive and take over the garden.
    you could ponder why some plants are content with who/what they are. while others are sending out shoots, taking over, invading the space of the plant next door.
    these would all be things worth pondering.

    1. Wow ! Good ponderings! Maybe YOU should start a blog !?!