Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ate a Moth Today....or....Cereal with a Bonus!

The morning meal is usually uneventful and normal at our home.
Coffee, Tea, Toast, BelVita Cookies, Eggs, Leftovers or


We were actually low on our usual variety of choices so I grabbed what was left of Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries.
Pulled the Ziploc bag out of the box and saw through the bag that there was enough for a bowl.

Well there, inside the bag, easy to see like the cereal......a moth.
One of those gray, smallish, once you see one-you are going to see lots, cupboard hiding, beady eyed, eat everything you are storing, included in the box already so you'll have to buy more, giant fanged, acid drooling, 'get away from me', waving my arms like a maniac, moths.

I squished the moth in the folds of the of the plastic.

Problem solved.

Then....I tried to pour the cereal in the bowl.
Well in the nano second of not remembering that I had just smashed a bug, I let the moth and all its squishings fall into the cereal.

Lets now talk about how most of you are gagging and praying that the next sentence says that the cereal went straight into the trash.
Lets NOW talk about those starving children all over the world that your mother told you about whenever you wouldn't finish a meal.
Lets NOW talk about how some of the people in those far away countries eat bugs on a regular basis and like it.
Lets NOW NOW talk about the crumbs and little bits of cereal that are always at the bottom of the bag AND how tiny bug squishings can be............
Just kidding. Lets NOT talk about it.

I got the milk and ate it.

Bug and all.



1) I made a conscious choice to eat an insect today and I didn't get sick!
2) I am liberated and ready to travel to exotic places.
3) I wasn't affected at all and still love breakfast cereal.

And yet I can't seem to turn away from the table lamp.....I want to look at it, I want to touch it, it calls me........


Rachelle Culpepper said...

I am not sure whether to be revolted or laugh myself silly. I think I will laugh myself silly as this is so twisted it deserves a warped smile. A true classic for the ages.

Allie E said...

So are we going to only be able to see you at night now

Momma Bird said...

Or in your cereal cabinet. Good one Allie !!

Aprilsaurus said...

So are we going to have Thanksgiving in India? or in the jungle? or is the bug zapper going to be a featured dish?

Momma Bird said...

LOL ! Definitely a 'zapperole' for Thanksgiving. It's a delightful side dish! ;)