Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Domestic 'Gourdess'

If you are sitting at your computer as you read this then that sitting is probably a very good thing.
I shall reveal to you today that I am NOT a clean freak.
Shocking, I know.
While my mother was of the mind that things must be dusted, vacuumed and wiped down on an almost a daily basis, I am a branch that has fallen far from the tree.
This branch fell, made a mess and stares at it daily, but will not get around to cleaning it up till later.
I'm sure my neatness rebellion resulted in the fact that my sister and I were the domestic caretakers for our mother.
We whined, we complained, we grumbled but to no avail.
My mother has the ability to shut off her ears to anything she finds not to her liking...except cussing.
She can hear a curse word four miles away....that was whispered.....in Swedish).
So I am also quite sure that she never heard our childish malcontent.
I have done so much cleaning in my past that ANYTHING else I want to do as an adult is way more important.
Anyway, my lack of tidiness lately is only a cause for concern because of my impending grandchild.
I CAN NOT have a scooting, crawling, everything in its mouth child in my home.
Why now?
I found a pumpkin seed on the kitchen floor.
In July.
There has not been a pumpkin in this house since October 2012.
And even then I don't recall it being a REAL one...with seeds !
So who is to guess when that seed made its appearance.
And why wasn't it cleaned up?
I can't even guess.
I am kinda, almost ashamed.
I raised 4 kids with my housekeeping skills and they are all seemingly well adjusted, healthy and productive members of society.
But this kid will be different.
It is not really mine.
I can not have it going back to it's parents needing a nap with filthy knees and pumpkin seeds stuck to its face.
Or can I?
It is not really mine after all......
I am just its adoring grandmother (re-mom).......
Problem solved.
I have to go now.
There is a spider web in the corner that needs some ignoring.

The future??

Thanks so much for reading my blog.
Comments and followers are fabulous !!!


  1. You know, all my life I have been told how funny I am. Boulderdash. My humor is nothing more than a smirk (I really wanted to say a Sheldon Cooper snicker - but too many followers might not know who he is) next to your twisted, slightly off kilter, roll on the floor laughing my a-- off (wouldn't that be nice if I really could do that), crying so hard I can't see laughter. I bow to your greatness and am humbled to be related to you.

    1. Auntie, your mother heard that nearly completely typed swear. She called ME to complain about it. Thanks for that.
      Also, I agree with your sentiment about bowing

  2. Your comment cracks ME up ! I can not laugh my a-- off either, try as I might. I think laughter GOES straight to the buttocks. So you can tell I'm a happy person !
    P.S. I had to look up Sheldon Cooper. Sorry. Which actually makes your comment even funnier !! LOL !

    Ooowww my pants are too tight!! Thanks alot.

  3. on second thought let's eat out tonight.